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Full Version: Without Formaldehyde Seven Trust Flooring
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from 19 century to now has experienced the Indian Ocean tsunami wood raw material prices, along with new solid wood flooring "consumption tax", spent the next global financial crisis, domestic exports hardship situation ...... after several ups and downs, seven trust in the ascendant. In the end is what makes seven trust in complex environmental changes, maintaining the momentum of rapid development? Because from seven trust stringent environmental, quality requirements, stringent testing standards for a simple analysis, Tell me about it after reading be able to understand the reason why.

1. In addition to the aldehyde environmental protection the first step in starting from the source?
Oath to do the most environmentally friendly flooring seven trust, in relation to the user's health issues, from unambiguous. seven trust flooring materials, environmental protection high-density substrate and Robin, timber large subunit, the formaldehyde content of these materials is minimal, health and environmental protection to ensure the floor from the source.

2. In addition to formaldehyde smoking a co-evaporation in addition to aldehyde?
seven trust "Duchenne Seiko" professional team developed "vacuum de-aldehyde patented technology", using the vacuum principle originally attached to the surface of free formaldehyde sucked out, then ammonia fumigation, by diffusion of gas molecules will fiberboard capillary pores of free formaldehyde and. Smoking a steam floor from the outside in addition to aldehydes have been the process, the release of formaldehyde content separated from the floor again degradation, differentiation and control system to the lowest limit.

3. The third step is to consolidate addition to aldehyde addition to formaldehyde double insurance?
seven trust white washed using high-density substrate and microcrystalline wax seal waterproof technology, so the formaldehyde content lower than the drinking water, in addition to further aldehydes, formaldehyde in addition to consolidated results.

4. The fourth step F4 addition to aldehyde Star world's most stringent standards?
seven trust in 2010 formally reached F4 star standard core technology "vacuum ammonia manufacture environmentally friendly laminate flooring method of" national patent certification, so far seven trust floor into a reach the world's highest environmental indicators of international standard adoption certificate and has the core technology national patent only flooring company!

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