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Full Version: What is the old "five bad board"?
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Smell board: These plates can be volatile unpleasant pungent smell. Binding agent base quality laminate wood composite fence finland flooring chosen using melamine, produced odor panel manufacturers use binding agents, mostly urea-formaldehyde adhesive with formaldehyde gas emission is difficult to control.
Our latest requirements of the standard floor formaldehyde emission is not more than 1.5 mg / liter. Short-lived plate: short-lived plate using inexpensive ordinary decorative paper in the selection of the decking a pontoon boat of plastic floor floor surface, and to strengthen the wood flooring choices are made of aluminum oxide wear layer, high-quality laminate flooring wear layer of laminate flooring total costs accounted for 20-30% of the cost. Such plates after use in a very short period of time deformation, loss of light, fade, do not wear and so on. Bran Core: laminate easy install wpc products suppliers flooring production should be dedicated to high-density substrate to a cheap low-quality MDF, particle board core board precision as bran produced material non-compliance, a base component confusion, such sheet is easy fracture, moisture resistance decreases. Li Gui board: the false, plagiarism, imitation, whitewash identity as the main means of using consumers in the ability to distinguish the difference between the professional market characteristics, consumer fraud, harm consumers, derive profits, disrupt the normal market order.
Workshop board: Laminate pool deck wood plastic flooring philippines flooring is a process demanding needs of modern large-scale production of industrial products. Workshops plate means is that those who can not reach the scale of production and technology standards of the wood workshop, small woodworking factory production of sheet metal. Board production workshop tools simple, chosen more for ordinary woodworking tools, mainly the precision cutting, resulting in a bad bite plate installation.