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Full Version: Floor new subject
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In order to avoid the negative effects of inflation, the state has increased the intensity of macroeconomic regulation and control,composite tiles over grass floor enterprise to bring greater pressure. Floor new subject introduced. Laminate flooring new national standard will become a catalyst for the industry reshuffle, the introduction of new standards to improve the technical threshold of production. Improvement of environmental requirements.

Morgan Stanley and other foreign investment poured into China flooring industry, brings marketing, management, change and market to make a bench out of wood on a deck Enhance brand awareness. Floor about 1/5 Floor Covering,install handrail on outdoor concrete stairs consumers will be more concerned about the flooring brand, pay attention to product quality and service.

The law of market development. Our flooring industry has experienced 10 years of rapid growth period, the flooring brand has been extremely saturated, adjust into the brand development node. Our flooring industry is facing major reshuffle of the situation is the inevitable manifestation of the laws of the market, how to remain invincible in the market economy, "Ebb Tide", plastic snap in wood products which is a new challenge facing the floor enterprise.