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Full Version: Use wpc flooring in the park
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In some park often see a variety of flooring, which are mostly made of wood, but after installing a new wood floor a few years it will happen insects, decay, this wood is perishable material long-term sun and rain are more easily damaged. The majority of wpc floor half immersed in water, half exposed on the surface of the situation and bring it suffered heavier moisture, life is shorter, and thus must conduct a comprehensive maintenance work, otherwise it will cause accidents.

The wpc flooring material using a combination of performance and features of wood and plastic, new composite materials can replace wood and plastic. Even in the outdoor sun and wind, wpc will not rot, crack or fracture, in addition also has UV resistance, the daily management of the wpc floor becomes very easy, just pay attention to the daily cleaning, not require special maintenance, longer life and safer.

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