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Full Version: million wood floor
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And the industry itself, for the Chinese wood flooring industry must also be excluded from big to strong negative factors restricting the development of various industries, such as the shortage of timber resources, small scale, low level of technology, product quality is uneven,composit flooring vs wood less varieties, product structure homogeneity, enterprises redundant construction, intellectual property rights less.

inadequate investment in research and development, in the low-end chain in general, export mainly to low prices, international trade friction frequently, enterprise management philosophy adapt to market changes and so on. On the future development, composite security wall board the president said Zhang, Chinese wood flooring industry in 2010 ( "Eleventh Five-Year Plan") development objectives are: to achieve total 500 million wood floor m2, the export volume reached 40% of total output,pvc fencing supplier in philippines 20 % of brand enterprises occupy 80% market share.

the contribution rate of science and technology for more than 70%, creating a 3-5 international brands, the establishment of enterprise-based consortium, corrosion-resistant fence for sale Antigua and Barbuda research and development items 1 to 2 technology with market potential, establish credibility operational mechanism, improve the standard of services and protect the interests of consumers through practical initiatives.