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Full Version: Free plastic floor Precautions
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Glue-free diy decking fence in malaysia flooring installation require high precision: glue-free installation of the floor lock buckle design and occlusal precision demanding, which requires quality floor substrate and workability to achieve high-precision solid density and effect .

Free plastic floor moisture barrier treatment: free plastic made nonskid floors in pool floor must be tight moisture barrier on the floor of the latch handle and around the four sides, so that after the locking buckle body after cutting four sides and was sealed tight, even if there is moisture or accidental decking price plastic wall panel america flooding, as long as the timely processing of the products are not affected. Glue-free installation can increase the speed of construction, while eliminating the need to clean up after construction glue floor surface link.

Glue-free flooring installation Note: Currently, more than 90% percent of the tongue and groove composite decking per square foot cost floor because the problems are waterproof as well, should be noted that in the cleaning process, it is inevitable mopping the floor, watering, once the moisture into the substrate, it will cause damage to the floor.