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Full Version: wood floor production
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In order to maximize protection of existing forest resources, encourage scientific process and make good use of forest waste,concrete cover up ideas patio the state implemented a "special policy" provides that "any wood floor production enterprises to adopt or use of municipal solid waste (such as waste furniture, waste wooden doors and windows, wooden packaging materials, waste, etc.) or the branches of material production, and a certain amount of government subsidies.

while this subsidy is limited to meet the "policy" of the enterprise, but not all companies, besides small amounts, but for real wood flooring manufacturers, wood floor patio deck it is a big surprise. Third, wood fence vs vinyl fence cost preferential tariffs tilt and relatively stable exchange rate, so that domestic exports of wood flooring has strong backing.

China's imports of logs stage of the implementation of zero tariff policy export finished products and wooden floors tax subsidies and preferential treatment,second hand wood plastic line price two preferential policies have greatly encouraged domestic enterprises to expand exports of wood flooring enthusiasm addition, the RMB against the US dollar has remained relatively stable state;