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Full Version: solid composite floor maintenance methods
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In recent years, with the development of multi-layered solid composite floor industry, the use of multi-layer solid composite floor users is gradually increasing, many consumers this acceptance of products is also increasing. How to properly use and maintenance of multi-layer solid composite floor determines the appearance and life of the product post-maintenance and maintenance has become an important issue. Many wood flooring manufacturers need to do more to improve and enhance the service, so that consumers understand the relevant knowledge to use safeguard the interests of both consumers and businesses. Simply remind you wood flooring in daily use should pay attention to the following points:

1. Avoid sun exposure and rain water
Many rooms sun and rain can enter the room directly from the window, which is multi-layer solid composite floor produce great harm. Sun exposure can cause aging of paint and glue, and cause shrinkage and cracking the case of the floor; rain water will cause absorption of moisture causes wood flooring expansion deformation, as well as wooden floors caused by mildew.

2. Proper cleaning wood floors
Daily should regularly clean wood floors and keep clean the ground. First with the cleaning process quickly broom dust debris clean sweep, and then wring dry with a clean cloth to wipe the water after doing so, the area under the big case can be cloth mop children wash and drip-dry for drag net floor. Remember not to use too much moisture cloth or mop, and usually keeping the floor dry. Usually last from time to time to play a floor wax floor to strengthen protection. Paintwork damage can fill yourself with ordinary varnish or ask the manufacturer for repair. Common stain approach: Chocolate, grease, juice, wine, sweet wine with warm water and mild detergent; ink, lipstick, mineral, shoe polish, nail polish can be used alcohol to clean, but it should be promptly removed to prevent corrosion of the floor.

3. To maintain appropriate relative humidity
It should normally be 45% to 75% for the best.

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