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Full Version: indicators for the floor
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However, these criteria are based on market access and setting of environmental indicators for the floor is executed GB18580-2001 "interior decoration materials,cedar tone square lattice for sale plywood and their products limited release formaldehyde standard." Which requires the floor formaldehyde emission reaches E1 (1.5mg / L) levels considered safe.

Insiders said that the current state of formaldehyde-free floor yet for the introduction of relevant standards. In other words, businesses produce formaldehyde-free flooring formaldehyde emission in the end should be zero, or formaldehyde emissions below a certain value,build a wood box for seating or the floor itself does not contain formaldehyde,attaching a wood fence to the top of a concrete retaining wall no industry standards or national standards to follow.

At present, some flooring manufacturers in order to save costs, the use in the production of laminate flooring is the largest urea-formaldehyde glue. And this glue formaldehyde emission is not very stable, the home environment is hidden killer. In addition,privacy wood railing designs some manufacturers to meet the inspection, by means of some special handling standards so that products in the short term.