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Full Version: Summer floor details
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Moth: because the wood borers in insect bite, the eco wpc decking sale price floor surface can often see piles of powder, disturbing. The reason is related to the selection with the floor. To prevent infestation, one purchase kiln dried steam injection process to produce the floor, although the price is more expensive, but you have to kill all the eggs in the timber; the second is the careful selection of the keel, where there are Poles or bark always do.

Baikal: the same species of slats, a larger color difference. If laid properly, it can easily showing a "painted face." Using varnish qualities flooring, especially when the color of great trees slats, you should consider the selection and deployment of the slats, so that the color of the wall panel for gazebo installed floor Deep gradual transition from shallow or deep. Sound: flooring because of the quality is not high, people will notice when walking above the hoarse squeak sound, very uncomfortable after the hearing. Therefore, we must pay attention to the keel between the ground deck shutter privacy screen floor and keel is firmly bonded with the appropriate number and length of the nail. At the same time, to prevent the keel spacing is too large or the moisture content is too high, otherwise the drying shrinkage after laying loose, will cause a certain impact.

Pa seam: Some floors Guoshu day, there appeared a large gap between the slats. This is mostly related to the floor before laying the moisture content is too high related to high temperature or due to indoor air dry and shrink. Note that the moisture content of the install composite wood floor on dirt floor before laying in the 8% -13% range, and should be promptly after Puwan oil. From the dark: Some floor Puwan, moisture expansion and the emergence from the dark. This is mostly related to the floor surrounding environment, especially basic floor is too moist or water related.