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Full Version: Sports flooring
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Sports stadiums are using sports flooring, wood flooring and sports products in the market and diverse forms, there are good or bad. The wooden floor surface owners are often seen, by how we choose high-quality surface to the floor it? Typically to identify from the following aspects:

1, texture: wood floor texture wood floor is directly determined sports quality standards, selection of different species of wood floor texture is different. But it is recommended for those who texture clearer wooden floor in the purchase, so that after construction, stadiums will be very nice.

2, paint: the professional sports venues, sports flooring wood floor must use special paint. Its non-slip surface coefficient of friction coefficient and must meet national standards.

3, color: wood, whether there will be high-grade or low-grade color, which is a congenital natural product of the decision, is a normal phenomenon. Sports wood floor color can not be too large, or if there is too much color black phenomenon is not recommended that you choose.

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