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Full Version: Floor scratch repair
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Solid wood flooring shallow scratch repair: repair shallow scratches, scratches wood floors, first cleaning agent and water in proportion 1:50 deployment of good, with a clean cloth to clean the market size for wood plastic composite decking usa floor felt wrapped, as the ground is very dirty shall be re-cleaning with special sand sand mat or net after cleaning. Wait until the floor surface is completely clean, then apply special mop polish (painted directly on old paint, floor wax with respect to more rational and simple), this repair program can restore the original luster wood floor and can save money.

Solid wood flooring Deep Scratch Repair: For deeper scratches wood flooring of the yard in vietnam floors, you need to use a professional repair grinding equipment with the construction technology in Germany, multiple processes old worn floor paint scratches, honed with fine wood putty tune full fill large scratch on the floor sewing, cleaning and polishing the floor after brushing professional floor paint.

Repair details: If paint wood molded composite deck price floor surface not broken, just a little prints, then we can give it directly after cleaning polishing polishing wax; if the floor paint is damaged, we can do some technical treatment with iron the patch is heated wax, scrape off the excess portion, dried for 24 hours, polished with No. 400 sandpaper, wax removal and finally polishing.