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Full Version: China Timber Circulation
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Recently, the China Timber Circulation Association organized the "frame parquet" and "inner surface structure parquet" expert review will be held in Beijing.Wooden Hand Railings For Porch Will participate in the assessment of forestry University, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Jilin Academy and other 10 units of 15 experts.

At the meeting, experts on new inventions Wangren Zhong Both floors were discussed research and assessment. Both wood flooring according to "swelling shrinkage" features, to solve the cracking has been plagued by the flooring industry, bagging, deck restore on composite tile change and other issues from the joint assembly, sets conservation, environmental protection and physical performance advantages in one.

Currently more than a length of 1210mm parquet are adopting E0 standard. Living at home a few years ago launched a comprehensive security system floors,complaints about composite decking each floor has a living at home box 18 the number of anti-counterfeit labels, consumers can check the official website of the floor by living at home, mobile phone text messages and phone calls in three ways true pseudo.