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Full Version: wood and lumber
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Continuous national supervision, bamboo flooring industry can promote the overall level of quality is improved, to provide consumers with assured satisfied with the products. National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center bamboo bear bamboo products (bamboo plywood, waterproof plastic wood deck poland wood furniture, wood and lumber;

species identification and non-destructive testing; wood packaging products, forest products, bamboo crafts, bamboo toys, bamboo wood cultural and sports supplies)mount rail post on deck skirt board to make it stronger the supervision and inspection, arbitration inspection, identification of new product testing, inspection and production license certification,best materials for above ground pool deck plans product certification and testing of various types of inspection commission, undertake or participate in wood product national standards.

industry-standard system (repair ) provides experimental verification and related standards, research and other detection techniques and methods of work.what is hollow core composite decking Bamboo flooring industry into a period of rapid development, China has to improve the yield and quality of double abundant bamboo resources, resource area, production rank first in the world, the best performance in the world of bamboo resources, the use of the highest value of about 90% are located in the Bamboo Forest Southern China.
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