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Full Version: Powered By Wind Energy - HostGator Is a Green Company!
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Is your current webhost just not what you thought it would be? To much downtime... support bad.... not enough space?

When i started my blog, the host i went with was Host Gator. I've read reviews about them, and they were not good ones. But that didn't stop me from signing up. Sometimes, you just have to take the risk and see for yourself. Well, I've had hardley no downtime at all while using gator. In fact the only downtime was when they do server updates/upgrades. Later this year, i'm goin to get another dedicated IP address for under $3 a month.

Host Gator, has 3 different packages for shared hosting. The price fit's just about everyone's budjet. Going super cheap on web hosting will be the downfall to your websites. HG's business plan is what i am using right now. Might move to there VPS hosting if i want to expand my websites into something much larger. They also have dedicated server's, and provide reseller hosting if you would like to start your own hosting business or just host family/friends. All the packages are well worth the price. If you want some dedicated IP address's, just contact support and it'll cost you around 2 dollars a month per IP. (Dedicated IP address per website you own is a good SEO tactic)

I use there live support feature when i do need there help. (hardley ever happens) There live support response is 5x as fast as sending in a support ticket. I will continue to use them to host my blog here and not use there email support since that tacks longer for a response. (Stick to the live support feature for help)

Also, gator will help Transfer your account from the old host, leaving you very little to worry about as in "did i FTP all my files or not". Leave it to the pro's in transfering accounts. (It's Free) All you do is change your DNS server's and they will move your info over after they get the needed information. Make sure you explain to them what your sites requirements are before transfering old files to new host (HG) so your site will actually work once the nameservers are set to HG's. Did i mentioned that HG is powered by Wind Technology?

Hey, having your site up 24 hours a day with no issue's is what we all want. (No webhost is perfect but gator is close to it). From time to time, gator offer's coupon discounts in which save you money on hosting. If you have any question's about there hosting abilities as in "will my website's modifications work right"...etc, just contact support and ask them before signing up.

I'm proud to be apart of host gator and why not join me? ----> Click here to signup

To Your Success

Derek (Snakeair)