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Full Version: Why buy wood flooring taste heavy? How to reduce odor ah?
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1, played in cold water container, then add the appropriate amount of vinegar in a ventilated room,decorative outdoor panels and open the door furniture. This will not only protect the top of the wall right amount of moisture evaporation coating surface, but also to eliminate residual odor absorption. 2, put some pineapple in every room, a large room can put some more.

Because the pineapple is the fruit of crude fiber, can play absorbed paint fumes can be reached pineapple fragrance exudes taste, odor removal accelerate the speed played a best of both worlds. 3. To quickly remove residual paint fumes, citric acid can be soaked cotton balls, hanging in the indoor and wooden furniture. 4, houses with rooftop decks just renovated houses tend to have water, and other days satisfied pungent smell of chemical raw materials, to break open the belly of a jackfruit resembling a tropical fruit durian) on the inside, as jackfruit individual large ships have watermelon big, very strong flavor, a few days you can smell the absorbance.

5, you can go to the market to pick up some high-tech cleaner taste, it can remove the newly renovated rooms, new furniture gives off harmful gases. According to the source, to taste these cleaners are generally imported products, the use of ammonia compounds chemically react with hazardous substances, which played a role in cleaning to taste. In the newly renovated rooms,synthetic wood panels for fence you can call this deodorant detergent into the dish, the dish were placed in each room, combined with the scrubbing method to taste, after several days can effectively remove unpleasant odors.

6, placed in the room orange peel, lemon peel and other items, is a very effective method to taste, but they do not bear fruit very quickly. 7, can put in the room two basins brine, paint fumes will soon eliminate. If wood furniture exudes the smell of paint, you can scrub with tea several times, paint fumes will eliminate little faster. 8,buy plastic deck boards most affordable way to beautify the home course, put the right plants in the home can absorb formaldehyde cactus plants, spider plants, also known as gerbera Gerbera, reeds, ivy, cycads, chrysanthemum; while the elimination of xylene flowers there are ivy, cycads, chrysanthemum.