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Full Version: high quality wood floor install
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1, before installation we want to buy their own familiar wood flooring adhesive strength and hardness of the wood, the higher the adhesive strength of wood flooring, wood flooring such instructions can withstand different geothermal temperature difference, indicating that the applicable conditions of the floor is very good .outdoor timber flooring platform The higher the hardness of the wood, it will play a very good anti-slip effect, this high strength and high hardness, high density wood floor when we're using, and will not occur after cracking through to warm in the winter, or the occurrence of various deformation.

2, we have to observe the extent of absorption wood flooring, wood floor absorbent general good will rarely have a dedicated official data, called the water swelling. For wood flooring demand is equal to less than 2.5%, the smaller the thickness swelling, the more moisture resistant flooring changed for the better; blisters up drum crack does not occurWood Vs Composite Decking Materials.

3, the control formaldehyde emissions in recent years, the field of interior decoration to say a word most is formaldehyde, because the general decoration materials are made of some chemical materials. And this chemical composition to contain formaldehyde, and the higher the temperature, the more it will release formaldehyde.outdoor fireproof flooring deck Especially in winter when our heating, indoor temperature is very high, which are prone to release formaldehyde. Plus our rooms are closed, will focus on chemicals comes out, the human body is very great harm. It is recommended that you do not worry After check-in room decoration, as far as possible in the dry after ventilation in check.
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