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Full Version: How to buy good quality wpc flooring
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WPC flooringing,in recent years is popular domestic use for outdoor , due to the lower cost than the original floor outdoor wood preservative use, maintenance-free, water-resistant acid corrosion resistant, and simple to install,. Because wpc flooring is new material, many customers use the product for the first time, the face of the market price of different materials, Which I do not know how to select materials, and according to recent years, domestic wood product point of view, different qualities of wood products life is not the same. As a professional manufacturer of custom wood flooring tell you how to pick the right wood floor.
Although we can not see the raw materials, but the finished wood flooring, we carefully observed the following steps, you can learn how to quickly distinguish between good and bad quality wood products.
1, see the wood plastic flooring side: the side of good quality wood floor smooth, shiny gloss, with a clear oily feeling, no hairline cracks. Poor quality wood floor side rough, glossy dark, no oily feeling, some due to the PE elongation difference crack.
2, to see wood plastic flooring positive: good quality wood floor front smooth, shiny gloss, wood flour particle size small and uniform. Poor quality front wood floor is rough, glossy dark, wood flour particles larger sizes, unevenly distributed. Two kinds of floor together, the difference is obvious.
3, see the section of wood plastic flooring:Good quality wood floor section texture tight, shiny gloss, wood powder and small particles uniformly distributed. Poor quality wood floor section loose texture, luster dim, wood flour particles larger sizes, unevenly distributed, and clearly see the wood fibers.

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