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Full Version: Google+
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Despite its failings Google is heavily pushing Google+, in light of this, having Google+ tags is essential to help boost rankings. Google is going to look favourably on sites that are promoting its platform.
How can Google get profits with providing a free researching system for us?
Yes Google plus is the best & most effective platform to share site links.
Google+ is one of two social networks I recommend every business professional join (the other being LinkedIn). Google+ has tremendous benefits beyond being a social network, which include:

* increasing your SEO with every profile, business page, and post you create
* increasing your visibility in Google search, as connections in your Circles see your results first
* Any content you +1 is seen by your Circle connections across the web
Google+ is a good social networking site and now it is popular like Facebook. I can do video chat with my 5 friends at once when I add them to the circles.