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Full Version: Baby Makes Nine
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Baby Makes Nine
by Vivian Leiber
Is there a doctor in the house?

Becca Delacroix was in trouble. The usually straitlaced, independent mother of four was unmarried and pregnant - and the smalltown tongues of her tiny Louisiana parish were wagging. Enter Jack Towers, a sexy big-city surgeon whose bedside manner needed lots of work...

Jack was desperate to return to civilization, but first he needed a temporary wife! Otherwise, he'd never survive living in the mosquito-infested backwoods with four daughters he barely knew. Marrying Becca Delacroix was the obvious solution.

But the second they tied the knot, Jack's cold clinical heart went pitter-pat. He'd saved Becca's reputation and found a caretaker for his daughters - but now he wanted the benefits of a real marr