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Full Version: How to prevent aging wood plastic fence
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Some parks or wood fence home device did not take long, perhaps a couple of years already, "senile", but even with some wood fence remained intact for nearly a decade.costs of composite decking board Why is generated between the wood fence products such a big difference? Many customers will blame the reason WPC guardrail quality problems. In fact, this is not necessarily a problem caused by the quality of wood fence, as long as the understanding of the wood fence, wood fence and maintain good in everyday life, too, can make wood fence "timeless", longer service life. In accordance with the provisions of WPC fence is prohibited to use clean water mop wood fence. Whether wood or composite wood fence, do not use clean all water-wet mop to wipe directly, because too much moisture will penetrate into the inner layer of wood fence,marine board wood waterproof wood fence causing joint swelling bulging tilt mildew, rot and even . So we must use special cleaning products to clean wood fence wood fence, wood fence is best to use a professional cleaning fluid, and as far as possible to keep the mop dry state. After the first vacuum cleaner, so as to avoid scratching gravel wipe wood fence.

Specifically,wholesale wpc interior decks the WPC WPC guardrail special cleaning fluid to clean the fence and the fence has dual function of protecting fence. If the use of ordinary water or detergent to clean the wood fence easily lead to damp wood fence, wood deodorant expansion, wood fence on bagging deformation. Remaining in the wood fence in the detergent composition containing the acid that will corrode wood fibers, resulting in reduced strength wood fence,teak deck flooring wood fence will reduce the service life. So wood fence, wood furniture, mahogany furniture is strictly prohibited to use water or detergents and other cleaning agents wipe.