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Full Version: Microsoft WebMatrix 2
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Microsoft WebMatrix 2
It's easy to use, yet has a monstrous amount of functionality crammed into its nicely unified UI and manages to provide plenty of help (almost) without becoming intrusive. As a web development all-rounder WebMatrix 2 is little short of a triumph.

Since beta release MS has been busy building in support for the kind of technology that the kids are crazy about these days. Consequently, WebMatrix 2 is one of the nicest places to play around with Node.js, it has a massive warehouse full of off-the-shelf projects such as Joomla, DotNetNuke and so on, and supplies all the necessaries for a simple .NET project, should that be your cup of tea.

This being a Microsoft scheme, it would have to have a few quirks of use, for instance a slightly over-zealous code hinting system – but overall it's excellent. And it's free!