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Full Version: Wood floor increases the safety factor of human living
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In the wood industry and the market, there are many types of wood flooring, wood flooring of the type in which the polymer turned out, this type of flooring is considered one of innovation and technology in the 21st century, wood flooring collection live healthy and comfortable <a href="">Wood Plastic Composite Decking Timber For Sale</a>, green materials, stylish appearance, quick and easy fitting is equal to one. Wood Flooring gradually emerge in the market. It appeared to be the head of the household and decoration companies welcome, become the protagonist of interior decoration. Good wood flooring performance, moisture water, acid, tasteless, fungistatic, anti-static, decay, paint, consistent with human comfort. This kind of floor to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, the fire and the smoke density reach the national B1 level standard,<a href="">best tongue and groove pvc decking</a> with superior flame resistance, increase the safety factor of human habitation.
Wood Flooring In addition to these excellent characteristics also both wood and plastic composite overlay function. WPC decking itself has an empty core structure, reducing the weight of the floor, reducing the noise floor. It is also very good air permeability, moisture can promptly take the floor, so that the ground remains dry state. WPC floor is not moldy and anti-aging, acid, insect repellent, non-toxic, tasteless, and other characteristics, appearance, and feel similar to natural wood, sawing, planing, drilling, strong grip nails. Wood Flooring with shiny wood floor surface, and the color difference is smaller than the solid wood flooring. Environmental,<a href="">eco friendly composite wood prodcuts</a> health, and difficult to deformation, plate quality and beautiful. Waterproof non-slip, wear-resistant and durable, suitable for any environment room, kitchen, toilets, schools, hospitals, stadiums, shopping centers, laboratories, and other bathing games, as consumers focus on indoor environmental pollution, will replace the wood floor is not waterproof,<a href="">composite decking board in australia</a> formaldehyde-containing laminate flooring maintenance is not easy to wear, easy to deformation, cumbersome installation of solid wood flooring and become the new darling of home decoration materials.