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Full Version: Boris Continuum Complete 10.0.1 CE for After Effects and Premiere Pro
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Boris Continuum Complete 10.0.1 CE for After Effects and Premiere Pro | 120 MB
Boris Continuum Complete 10 AE - The most complete plug-in collection available for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects users. Over 250 filters and tools for professional motion graphics, visual effects and finishing! BCC AE includes 3D Objects such as Extruded Text, 3D particle effects, image restoration tools, lens flares and lights, award-winning chroma keying and compositing, a full suite of color correction tools, time-based effects such as Optical Stabilizer, warp and perspective effects, and blurs, glows, and cinematic effects. All BCC filters take advantage of either multi-processing or OpenGL hardware acceleration for an interactive effects design experience.

BCC 10 includes over 250 plug-ins spanning seventeen visual effects categories and covering the full gamut of visual effect solutions. BCC10 adds 13 new plug-ins (8 effects and 5 transitions) plus support for integrated mocha planar mask tracking and a re-engineered PixelChooser, and new FX Browser supports BCC 3D Objects

Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) 10 for Adobe New Features:
Integrated mocha mask tracking in PixelChooser: Imagineer's Academy Award-winning mocha planar tracking and masking engine is integrated inside the BCC PixelChooser allowing editors to do more advanced finishing work without leaving the editing timeline.
BCC Beauty Studio is a new skin retouching tool that gives editors the ability to smooth skin and reduce blemishes making their talent look better. A state-of-the-art keying algorithm quickly isolates skin tones, while retaining natural sharpness and contrast.
BCC Title Studio is a next generation 2D/3D titling and motion graphics tool for designing and animating title opens, lower thirds, and credit sequences at any resolution. OpenGL-accelerated features include extrusions, materials, cameras, lights, and deformers for advanced title creation. Includes support for Maxon Cinema 4D models, Adobe Illustrator, and features a custom user interface for simple to complex title creation.
New Tools for Image Restoration: BCC Remover fills in missing pixels and removes objects with clone and auto-fill options. BCC Dropout Fixer restores tape-based damaged footage with field dropouts. BCC Reframe is designed to reformat and stylize "vertical cell phone" video footage into a standard 16x9 aspect for broadcast.
New Effects/Filters: BCC Light Leaks adds organic and naturalistic "in-camera" light and exposure effects to stylize and enhance footage. BCC Video Glitch recreates the distressed look of compression artifacts, signal loss, and corrupt digital video.
New Transitions: Four new real-time transitions have been added with many pre-built presets. BCC Cross Glitch mimics abrupt digital signal transitions. BCC Cross Melt conveys a new organic look and feel. BCC Light Leaks Dissolve creates a light exposure-based transition. BCC Cross Zoom combines zoom, glow, and dissolve into one simple transition.
FX Browser: Quickly and easily find your perfect look. The FX Browser can be accessed both in each individual filter and as a standalone to browse the entire BCC effects presets library. The built-in browsing history lets you keep track of your most recent searches. All effects play back over video in your timeline, not just a poster frame. New in BCC 10, the FX Browser supports BCC 3D Objects units.

BCC Adobe AE/Premiere - 10.0.1 Release Notes:
General Enhancements:
- FX Browser playback performance optimization in the 3D Objects category.
- Support for Open CL optimization on older Mac laptops with NVIDIA graphics.
- Enanced reliablity across all OpenCL optimized effects.
- Hide Disabled Parameters added to Preferences to control whether disabled params are completely hidden.
- Numerous bug fixes.
Filter Enhancements:
- BCC Beauty Studio - OpenCL refinements yielding additional 1.3x - 2x performance improvement.
- BCC Light Leaks Dissolve - 45 new presets.
- 3D Objects Category - New Constant Scale option allowing greater control over bevels as Extrusion Depth changes.
- Fast Film Glow - New Avoid Clipping control to enable glows to expand past image boundaries without clipping along the edges.
Title Studio Enhancements:
- Render performance optimization - e.g. Credit Rolls render up to 1.5x faster.
- Many new text animation and countdown templates.
- Support for tab stops in imported RTF text files.
- Extrusion Styles now scale with text point size for easy workflow.
- More accurate Motion Blur.
- Presets arranged thematically in subfolders for easier navigation.
- New Countdown generator for simple countdown animations.
- New Fixed Width option in Numbers generator for stable animation.
- Improved Preview To RAM feature.
- Improved Cinema 4D format support.
Pixel Chooser Enhancements:
- mocha performance optimization on Mac - mask rendering speed improved 1.4x
- mocha improvements to trimmed clip handling in AE and Premiere
- New OpenCL optimized edge-preserving PreSmoothing option in the PixelChooser Matte group to enable creating cleaner HSL isolations and Luma/Channel mattes.
- HSL Key - Full OpenCL acceleration yielding 2-2.5x improvement in key rendering performance.
- HSL Key - improved quality (less noisy) in regions with low saturation.
- HUD overlay widgets for Egg Shape masks.

BCC AE/Premiere 10 supports the following Adobe host applications:
- Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6, CC, CC 2014, and CC 2015