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Full Version: Crab tweets explain some of these changes Runescape 5.3PVP
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since the 5.3 preview release (detailed) crab tweets like raged, almost all debate about the PVP. Mainly because Runescape PVP in 5.3 that there will be a relatively large part of the changes: all roles will have 65% of the basic toughness, toughness property is removed from most of the PVP equipment. runescape gold To do this crab also had to answer everyone's questions. Crab: Greg Street, Lead Systems Designer Runescape A: For the purposes of the PVP aspect (5.3) is the worst patch I play this game 4-year period ever seen. Treatment has been almost invincible. Q: Whenever you reduce the outbreak of injuries are a risk (which is why we weaken the magnitude of the outbreaks always very small). A: This means that 60 would be like wearing PVE equipment can be just as good in PVP it? hope so. Q: Under the same circumstances both PVP and other equipment of course, is the high intensity of people to win. A: Field PVP will become what? What will become a duel. I have to hit the arena to hone skills in a duel. Soon after the results (wearing) a copy of the equipment will be able to dominate the team, (5.3) This change is very bad. Q: Like the last time you participated in fair condition field sides PVP is when? A: Because all character has 65% of the toughness of this change basis, to try to hit the battlefield PVE players, there is no PVP strength should look very bad. Q: Not necessarily. They are more resistant to hit high but it will not play hurt. I hope this is a good idea. A: 5.3 patch will be in the arena before the end of the season is now on-line it? Q: Yes, a new season and a new copy of the team will come together, but these will not be in 5.3. A: As a former 'Star Wars: The Old Republic,' the players, I think there is a simple way to solve the battlefield hang Question: performance award honors individuals for the players, not the battlefield of winning or losing. Q: keep the flag is very valuable to the team but that does not give you the personal performance bonus (and this reward is very easy to fake). A: Now PVP equipment no toughness, how do you ensure Heroic raid equipment will not be used in the arena? Analogy: Shadowmourne the like. Q: This question will explain in (5.3) patch notes. But we are ready to release a next week to explain our (on PVP changes) intent Bowen. A: If this situation continues, then, PVP PVP players in order to win the team had to play a copy. We do not want this to happen, please order Asian clothing PVP players consider. (Translator's Note: Because Asian clothing after 5.1 minutes CD, 25 people falling equipment falling equipment more than 10 high eight other equipment, while the asker is the Korean.) Q: We have a plan, it should help solve the equipment can be upgraded 5.3PVE PVP equipment can not be upgraded to this issue. A: Before you guys said that Random Battleground queuing DPS will match the number of treatment tanks rather than the current wildcard, in the end when it will have? Q: Soon will come.