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Full Version: USB 3.0 10-Port Hub
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Liztek 10 port USB 3.0 hub provides great features for an amazingly low price when compared to the other competitors on the market.


- All 10 ports are USB 3.0, and backward compatible with older USB standards.
- 2 fast charging ports - Even if your computer is off, you can use the 2 fast charging ports located on the top of the hub to charge any device with a power need of up to 1.5A.
- Plug and Play - Just connect the provided USB cable to the computer, power the hub with the provided power adapter, and the computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) will automatically recognize the hub.
- LED indicator - Every port has its own LED indicator.
- Built in surge protector - The hub, and every single port has a built in surge protector for optimal power safety.
- Lower price than the competition.
[Image: 619djKk1DiL._SL256_.jpg]