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Full Version: New Edition of Food Industry Polythene Gloves at
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Safety Direct’s comprehensive online shop brings for you Latex gloves, Vinyl gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Welding gloves, Rigger gloves, Cotton gloves, Nylon gloves, Cut Resistant gloves, Leather gloves, and all kinds of disposable medical gloves at its supreme quality.

SafetyDirect Introducing top rated Polythene gloves, they are low priced gloves that offer simple protection from soiling. They are ideal for use in the food industry where touching of food by bare hands is prohibited. They are disposable gloves and are replaced after a single use. At Safety Direct you can get quality polythene gloves for kitchen use.

Safety Direct offer polythene gloves from Pal. Polythene gloves are an excellent choice for kitchen use as they prevent transfer of germs and bacteria while at the same time protecting the hands. The gloves are made of food grade polythene and are available in bags of 100. To get your polythene bag go online and Safety Direct will provide you with what you need.

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