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Full Version: Car Driving Safety Tips
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Here I would like to share some useful safety tips on car driving. I hope you all like it.

1. Do not get upset when you encounter a hostile driver.
2. Beware of falling asleep at the wheel
3. Keep your mind as well as your eyes exclusively on driving.
4. While driving, don't put on makeup, text message, chat on the cell phone, or eat a meal.
5. Don't drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
6. Wear your seat belts. This cannot be emphasized enough.
7. Adjust your speed to coincide with weather and traffic conditions.
8. Beware of falling asleep at the wheel.
9. Avoid the far left lane except when you need to pass another car
10.Drivers who like to drive fast usually remain in this lane; insurance company representatives call it the 'death lane.[/align]