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Full Version: invest the money in share market
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invest the money in share market What is the stock? The stock is part of the capital and investment which represents a partial ownership in the company. The total amount of capital required for the project work is divided into a number of equal values and stock offered to the general investors to subscribe. Invest the money that is collected in commercial activities such as land, buildings, machinery, vehicles, inventory and computer systems ... etc. When you buy shares, it would be you ownership stake in the company and be entitled to part of the gains that the company and its assets. And shareholders in the company known as ’shareholders’ equity’ and investors who own stock are known as ’shareholders’. How to start investing in stocks? After that investing in the stock decides there are several important aspects and steps should be thinking about them. - Choose stock broker The choice of the stock broker vital as it gives you that in addition to the basic support in the purchase and sale of affordable service in terms of providing information in a timely manner and quick to respond to your requests and to keep a good record of transactions and balances your wallet ... etc. And the broker earns from the investor for this service commission should be suitable equivalent market prices. In Saudi Arabia, the job brokering limited to banks and all investors who trade stocks they should be handled through the bank in all circumstances. Banks charge fees for providing this service represents a nominal percentage of the deal. However, with the implementation of the capital market system, it is expected that we will see the establishment of brokerage houses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the near future. 46272