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Golf Pride’s Limited Edition ’Spring’ version of the famed New Decade Multicompound grip ($9.59/grip) is available in Platinum Green in celebration of the excitement that surrounds The Masters. Like the standard New Decade Multicompound, the Limited Edition model offers two distinct performance advantages through the use of soft, high performance rubber in the lower portion and brushed cotton technology cord (BCT) in the upper area of the grip. This combination provides enhanced feel in the bottom hand for increased touch and feel and improved moisture management and traction in the upper hand for better control and confidence during the swing. Lamkin is offering two Special Edition grips just in time for the Masters, the Wrap-Tech ($4.99/grip) and the UTx ($6.99/grip). Both models feature a green and yellow color scheme for players who want to celebrate everyone’s favorite spring tournament. The Wrap-Tech is aimed at player’s looking for superior shock absorption and comfort and features a double-helix pattern and Lamkin’s patented ACE compound while the UTx model is built with Tri-Layer Technology that provides a mixture of torsion control, traction, and stability during the swing. 54441