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Full Version: Loopmasters Author Dubstep Colours MULTiFORMAT
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Loopmasters Author Dubstep Colours | MULTiFORMAT

[center][Image: 4bfe4ad2063f56bd2d39dc0198cffb90.jpg]

Loopmasters Author Dubstep Colours | MULTiFORMAT | 1.38 GB[/center]

Loopmasters are excited to announce an incredible collection of Deep Ambient Dubstep and Electronica by the phenomenal Duo AUTHOR aka Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin. Dubstep Colours features a wealth of loops and one shot samples together with custom Logic Strips and two special Top Logic Tips videos recorded by Jack Sparrow. The collection is a wealth of secret sonic weapons and techniques from two of finest melodic Dubstep producers today. Expect to find Huge Powerful Subs, Cinematic synths, Tight Solid Drums, a huge amount of Multi Sampled Sounds, Long Foley and Special FX Percussion samples, MIDI Files, Logic Channel Strips and two Mini Video Tutorials.
Author' is the brainchild of Leeds based electronic music producers Ryan Wild and Dom Howard, their innovative productions and live sets have wowed crowds across the globe and are held in the highest of respect amongst their peers.

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This collection has been put together as an aid for Dubstep producers looking for a full palette of highly prized sounds from Authors studio alongside the some of the secret ingredients the guys use to add interest and drama to their productions such as field recordings, multi sampled instruments and 4 Logic channel strips one of which being an ES1 Sub Bass instrument preset.

In Detail expect to find 2.2Gb of Audio and Video including 24 Atmospheric Foley Loops, 40 Sub Bass Loops, 17 Music Loops, 97 Drum Loop Stems, 8 Full Drum Loops, 17 Bass Multi Sampled Instruments, 6 Sub Bass Multis, 13 Synth Multi Sampled Instruments, 2 Trumpet Multi Sampled Instruments, 8 Pad Multi Sampled Instruments, 1 Electric Piano Multi, 4 808 Bass Multis, 1 909 Kick Bass Multi, 2 Snare Multis, 52 Drum Shots, 127 Warehouse Percussion Loops, 2 Mini Video Tutorials, 120 MIDI files, 4 Logic Presets, 192 Rex2 Files and 64 Soft Sampler Patches

If you like Dubstep done Deep, Cinematic and Atmospheric then you cannot miss this collection, check out the demo and test drive the free to use demo pack then sample Author - Dubstep Colours TODAY!

24Bit 44.1kHz
24 Atmospheric Foley Loops
17 Music Loops
8 Full Drum Loops
6 Sub Bass Multis
2 Trumpet Multi Sampled Instruments
1 Electric Piano Multi
1 909 Kick Bass Multi
52 Drum Shots
2 Mini Logic Tutorial Videos
4 Logic Presets
64 Soft Sampler Patches
40 Sub Bass Loops
97 Drum Loop Stems
17 Bass Multi Sampled Instruments
13 Synth Multi Sampled Instruments
8 Pad Multi Sampled Instruments
4 808 Bass Multis
2 Snare Multis
127 Warehouse Percussion Loops
120 MIDI files
192 Rex2 Files

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