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Full Version: Plate prices unstoppable
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Plate prices unstoppable Re-transmission plate decoration materials prices have to spend more money to look at the domestic wood industry, a national natural protection project implementation, the ban on logging of forest areas, limited-cutting, for reducing the supply of wood to make furniture, it is understood, Jilin, Yunnan, Guangxi and other provinces are plastic wood fence pickets in ohio big timber production represents a substantial cut forestry. Future wood supply tight situation at home and abroad will become more apparent. Domestic and foreign timber resources tighten result sheet prices are inevitable in this case, various plate prices in unison like a last resort "tough decisions." It is understood that domestic production of wood-based panel biggest names Jilinsengong Lushuihe plate following a price increase early this year, is preparing for next year's prices, the timing and magnitude of the alleged price still questionable.

In addition, other domestic plate producers and Egger boards and other imported plate have joined this trend. Downstream businesses flat-risk or control of the supply for the downstream production of furniture and flooring can be described as the brunt of the impact of the upstream timber. In the furniture and cabinet industry, the reporter found that some building finishes plastics for wall manufacturers are looking for new sources of plates, hundred, Peugeot, Si Puli and other companies have expressed the intention, which gives more space for development of other plates. Plate prices are expected to promote downstream industries looking for a way out, to be shared equally risk. In addition to looking for new plate, market segments outside the control of upstream resources become some corporate "shield."

The short-term effects of plate plate price increase is an inevitable trend, wood has always been lacking in the world, so the timber price increases are inevitable, but you can relieve this pressure by increasing wood utilization. Solid wood floors and furniture prices faster, pure solid wood floor will be more high-end and aristocratic, and more conservation of resources can i make outdoor lumber from composite material parquet and laminate flooring will have more room for growth. In the subject policy, inflation, and the impact of import and export more difficult property market, and further price increases are likely to push up the sheet metal industry production costs of the entire domestic industry, which also makes the recent renovation of the owners need to pay for more expensive renovation of the main timber cost, and to the people this is not good news.