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Full Version: BlogStomp 2.81 Mac OS X
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BlogStomp 2.81 | MacOSX | 27 MB
BlogStomp consolidates and simplifies the complicated process of preparing images for web use, allowing you to "get out and play" faster. With lightning speed, BlogStomp re-sizes and optimises images for web use. While its flexible layout options allow you to apply built-in frame customisation, updated features like adjustable sharpening and watermarking make it easy to create and save your preferences for the fastest blog-or-web preparation ever. The powerful built-in batch processor allows you to process and export loads of images in just a few short seconds.

Image resizing and optimization
BlogStomp re-sizes and optimises high-res images for web use in seconds. It's the fastest blog/web preparation tool ever.

Batch processing
Import, brand and batch process dozens of images in a flash.

Multi-image layouts
Create unique flexible, multi-image layouts.

Easily apply your watermark to all your images in one go.

Image styling
Express your brand's personality and style your image frames.

Post images directly to Facebook
Post albums on stomped images to Facebook direct from within the BlogStomp.

Share images on Twitter
Share your stomped images on Twitter with BlogStomp's Twitter integration.

Blog from within the app
Prepare, write and upload image posts to your blog with BlogStomp's blog feature.

Save pre-set style templates
Set up and save style templates for the fastest one-click solution for image preparation.

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System requirements: Intel, Requires OSX 10.9 +