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Solid wood floor will become the main theme of the decoration of the floor With the economic level, with changes in consumer attitudes, and the pursuit of greener more comfortable home environment, the city is now the common aspiration of people, wood flooring highlight as refinish synthetic wood deck home decoration, more known as the modern home decoration theme. Development of construction industry, making the interior decoration industry will have greater development, solid wood flooring as an important material interior decoration will also develop. It is predicted that in the future China wood flooring market growth rate of about 10% to 20%. Lin licensing floor as a company with 20 years of solid wood flooring production, development and sales of old flooring manufacturers, found that consumers have to consume some errors floor.

Advantages of solid wood flooring solid wood flooring can adjust air humidity. Many people believe that solid wood flooring afraid of the water, and moisture will be bagging, and floor tiles are not afraid of water, good care. Indeed tiles really good cleaner than wood floors, wood afraid of the water but said it was a misunderstanding, such as Lin licensing floor cost of panel of wood in singapore Trinidad has a teak flooring, is not afraid of water on the floor. Allegedly, teak is the best material to make the boat, called the Millennium does not rot, it said to be "Titanic" the deck is made of teak, submerged in the water for so many years, and today is still not rot. Solid wood flooring Decoration main theme will be the future after careful calculation found that the price of 300 yuan a piece of tile plus 40 yuan labor costs, the price can buy one square meter classy wood species wood floors, or 3-5 meters of reinforced floor.

Then, under the same conditions as the price, of course, than choose wood floor tiles cost-effective. In addition, wood floors can absorb moisture, especially tenants who lives on the first floor, with wood floors most suitable winter home will not be cold cold feeling, tiles because they can not absorb moisture, the winter will be colder moisture composite decking with wood railing aggravated room. In particular, solid wood flooring more accessible, children are willing to run around barefoot in the above. Psychological experts also suggested that home shop wood floors can lower noise, more relaxed than the floor tile spirit of the people of the city are now more and more people who have pressure relief Pressure.