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Full Version: Get a Good and Reliable Hosting Company
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Once you pick a creative domain name for your website, you would need a hosting company to store your web pages. Blogger offers free hosting, but they have the right to cancel your site at any time. I know many famous blogger who got their blogs deleted from blogger. So I strongly suggest you to host your website with a reliable paid hosting company. Then Only YOU will have the permission to change or delete your web pages.
Most website owners struggle with finding a decent web hosting provider simply because there are so many different hosting companies available on the Internet, each with different packaged plans and unique hosting features.
What is the most reliable web hosting company?
yeah i agreed with you but how we can make difference between reliable and un reliable hosting companies
Which hosting company provides best service at affordable and reliable rates?
When looking for a reputable web hosting company there are a several criteria that must be fulfilled in order to make sure that you have made the right choice. Those include, but are not limited to: when was the company established, where their headquarters are located, do they own their servers or they use dedicated servers, how many employees do they have and of course how many clients they are currently hosting.
best hosting is essential for a best blog .. ask all rights
(10-20-2012, 01:52 AM)madeliaupv65 Wrote: [ -> ]What is the most reliable web hosting company?

I would suggest a reliable hosting site called here they provide Linux based web hosting. They provide good customer service and support.