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Full Version: Laplink Software PCmover Enterprise 8.0.633.0
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Laplink Software PCmover Enterprise 8.0.633.0
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Laplink Software PCmover Enterprise 8.0.633.0 (Pre-Activated) | 86.45 MB



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Laplink Software PCmover Enterprise 8.0.633.0 (Pre-Activated) | 86.45 MB

PCmover Enterprise is the only comprehensive migration solution that allows IT to manage all types of migrations. And, PCmover is the only migration utility that natively transfers installed applications, settings, data and user accounts, delivering a full and complete migration process.

Laplink's PCmover Enterprise Edition automates the migration process for Windows 7 upgrades, PC refreshes and break-fix recovery scenarios. It will significantly reduce end-user downtime, IT staff resource needs and operational costs like shipping, storage and third-party services.

Features included in Enterprise Edition:
- Migrate selected programs, settings, data, user accounts and other "PC Personality" elements to a new PC automatically
- Migrate Via: Network (LAN, WAN), Laplink USB cable, storage device (portable or network file-share)
- Perform In-Place Upgrades
- Restore an old PC image to a new OS
- Run directly from a command line
- Pre-activate licenses for "offline" migrations
- Generate migration reports
- Install and run from a network location, USB thumb-drive or other portable storage device
- Use Policy Manager GUI for easy and complete migration customization
- Enable Access Control features

- Customize the User Interface and logos

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