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Full Version: GSH Plaza by Plaza Ventures Pte Ltd
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GSH Plaza by Plaza Ventures Pte Ltd is a brand-new commercial development with offices and retail shops, comprises of 21 retails shops and also 259 offices. Standing at twenty eight storey high. Acquired from the GSH-led consortium, Equity Plaza will be revived and also retrofitted to rework the building into a development comprising of commercial and offices. A 99-years leasehold project, the development will find the transformation and also major upgrades of the 22-year old building. A hotspot for businesses in the financial sector, the building is currently occupied generally by financial and business sector related companies. The GSH group has invested in the most impressive management systems in the building. It has strived to offer you an intensive and also integrated management service to raise the investment value of the building. However, place of work mangement is not merely about conserving asset values and construction maintenance. Hence, the management seek to increase value to the building through a strategic and long-standing method to increase its investment potential. As well as other management partners, GSH offers investors and occupiers of the GSH Plaza industry leading, back-to-back management solutions. Accessibility and convenience is good resulting from the extensive commuting network with the nearby Raffles Place MRT station. Moreover, well known schools that include Outram Secondary School and Cantoment Primary School many more are placed within close accessibility. While the countless enticements and benefits of the area may only be a short drive away, owners are still confident enough to originality and comfort, bounded by verdant expanses of greenery, and graced with an atmosphere that calms and soothes in an impressive fashion.

See for Floor Plans / Location Map or contact the sales team for requests.