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Full Version: Windows 7 3d Edition By White Death x86 (12/03/15)
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Windows 7 3d Edition By White Death x86 (12/03/15)

[center][Image: Windows_7_2014_05_14_23_36_06.png]

Windows 7 3d Edition By White Death x86 [/center]

We have Released This OS For Public SO Enjoy..

Details OS

Main OS Name:Windows 7 SP1 Professional x86
New OS Name:Windows 7 3D Edition x86 2014
Service pack:1
Updates: May 2014
Included:Internet Explorer 11 Full Updated
Size:3.47GB ISO MODE
Have all Updates except few Who need Online!

NetFrameWork 4.5.2:already intergrate With HotFixes
And last Update no need Wait or Download Anything!

Addons Added is 5 list here:

Winrar 5.0.2 That apps is already installed!

Run Command First Log in:

New Boot Screen

Windows Installation post with 30 application:
notice:you can check your application and then you press start
enjoy you application in start menu!!!!

33 new Win7Themes
Adobe Flash+Shockwave Players

#Components for best perfomance
Delete 'Support' folder
Delete 'Upgrade' folder
Windows Gadget Platform
XPS Viewer
ActiveX Installer:Big Grinisabled
Adaptive Brightness:Big Grinisabled
Application Layer Gateway:Big Grinisabled
Application Management:Big Grinisabled
BitLocker Drive Encryption:Big Grinisabled
Bluetooth Support:Big Grinisabled
Branch Cache:Big Grinisabled
Certificate Propagation:Big Grinisabled
Credential Manager:Big Grinisabled
Diagnostic Policy:Big Grinisabled
Diagnostic Service Host:Big Grinisabled
Diagnostic System Host:Big Grinisabled
Distributed Link Tracking Client:Big Grinisabled
Encrypting File System (EFS):Big Grinisabled
Fax:Big Grinisabled
FTP:Big Grinisabled
Function Discovery Provider Host:Big Grinisabled
Function Discovery Resource Publication:Big Grinisabled
Health Key and Certificate Management:Big Grinisabled
Human Interface Device Access:Big Grinisabled
Interactive Services Detection:Big Grinisabled
IP Helper:Big Grinisabled
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper:Big Grinisabled
LPD Service:Big Grinisabled
Media Center Extender:Big Grinisabled
Net.Msmq Listener Adapter:Big Grinisabled
Net.Pipe Listener Adapter:Big Grinisabled
Net.Tcp Listener Adapter:Big Grinisabled
Net.Tcp Port Sharing:Big Grinisabled
Netlogon:Big Grinisabled
Network Access Protection Agent:Big Grinisabled
Offline Files:Big Grinisabled
Parental Controls:Big Grinisabled
Peer Name Resolution Protocol:Big Grinisabled
Peer Networking Grouping:Big Grinisabled
Peer Networking Identity Manager:Big Grinisabled
PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator:Big Grinisabled
PNRP Machine Name Publication:Big Grinisabled
Portable Device Enumerator:Big Grinisabled
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support:Big Grinisabled
Program Compatibility Assistant:Big Grinisabled
Quality Windows Audio Video Experience:Big Grinisabled
Remote Desktop Configuration:Big Grinisabled
Remote Desktop Services:Big Grinisabled
Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector:Big Grinisabled
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator:Big Grinisabled
Remote Registry:Big Grinisabled
Routing and Remote Access:Big Grinisabled
Smart Card:Big Grinisabled
Smart Card Removal Policy:Big Grinisabled
SNMP Trap:Big Grinisabled
Tablet PC Input:Big Grinisabled
TPM Base Services:Big Grinisabled
WebClient:Big Grinisabled
Windows Biometric:Big Grinisabled
Windows CardSpace:Big Grinisabled
Windows Color System:Big Grinisabled
Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar:Big Grinisabled
Windows Error Reporting:Big Grinisabled
Windows Media Center Receiver:Big Grinisabled
Windows Media Center Scheduler:Big Grinisabled
Windows Media Player Network Sharing:Big Grinisabled
Windows Process Activation:Big Grinisabled
Windows Remote Management (WS-Management):Big Grinisabled
Windows Search:Big Grinisabled
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery:Big Grinisabled
WWAN AutoConfig:Big Grinisabled
Speech and Natural Language
Delete 'WinSXS\\Backup' Folder

Removed/Enabled application etc...list:

[Control Panel Add]
Group Policy=Add
Recycle Bin=Add
User Account 2=Add
Windows switcher=Add
Internet Explorer=Add
My Computer=Add

Control panel view=Small icon

Show Hidden Wallpapers and Themes=Enable
Action center notifications on taskbar=Disable
Application TimeOut=3000
Font Smoothing=Enable
Auto EndTask=Enable
Lowlevel Hooks TimeOut=3000
Start Panel Off=Enable
Tool tips=Disable
Wait to Kill Application TimeOut=5000
Show Desktop Icons=Enable

[Desktop Taskbar]
Show run on start menu=Enable
Display recently opened programs in the start menu=Disable
Taskbar animations=Disable
DoNot Clean TaskBar=Disable
Start menu power button action=Restart
Display recently opened items in the start menu and taskbar=Disable
Use small icons=Enable
Show start menu Administrative tools=Enable
Aero peek=Disable

[Explorer Context]
Add Device Manager=Enable
Add Group Policy=Enable
Add MS-Config=Enable
Add Services=Enable
God Mode=Enable
Registry Editor=Enable
Administrative Tools=Enable
Change Cursor=Enable
Change Date and Time=Enable
Change Sounds=Enable
Change Theme=Enable
Change Wallpaper=Enable
Desktop Icon Settings=Enable
DPI Scaling=Enable
Folder Options=Enable
NetWork Connections=Enable
Program and Features=Enable
Registry Editors=Enable
System Properties=Enable
Task Manager=Enable
Task Scheduler=Enable
User Accounts=Enable
Copy To=Enable
Move To=Enable
Grant Admin Permission=Enable
Open With Notepad=Enable
Open In New Window=Enable
Disk Clean up=Enable

[Explorer Views]
Hide File Extensions=Disable
hide Drives with No Media=Disable

Anti spyware=Enable
Windows Firewall=Enable

UXTheme patch=Enable
Command Window Background Colour=Blue
Show start menu search=Enable
Command Window Text Colour=Pink
Trim solid state drives=Enable
Set Mouse Pointer Speed Maximum=Enable
Number of recent items to display in jump list=10
Low disk space warning=Disable

[Visual Effects]
Thick Window frame=Enable
Drag From Full Windows=Enable
Transparent Glass=Enable
Aero shake=Disable
Aero snap=Disable
Avalon effects=Enable
Minimize and Maximize Animation=Enable
Drag From Maximize=Enable

[Internet Explorer]
Default Search

[Internet Explorer]
Default Search


Skip product key=True
Skip Auto Activation=True
Accept EULA=True
Setup Language=en-US
Support Hours=240000
Support Phone=240000
Support URL=
Logon count=1
Network location=Home
Protect your computer=Default
Keyboard=United States
Currency and date format=English (United States)
UI Language=en-US
Timezone=(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Themes\aero.theme(Already installed)
Themes\budhaxx.theme(Already installed)
Themes\clear red.theme(Already installed)
Themes\Elegant Glass.theme(Already installed)
Themes\g-n-r-7.theme(Already installed)
Themes\Glass Clear v.3.1.theme(Already installed)
Themes\Glass Clear v.3.theme(Already installed)
Themes\NHL 7 2010.theme(Already installed)
Themes\Shatter-red 7 v2.theme(Already installed)
Themes\Silver-X-7.theme(Already installed)
Themes\super glass.theme(Already installed)
Themes\Vinyl Scratch.theme(Already installed)
Themes\windows 7 flash forward.theme(Already installed)

Windows Ding=Default=
Windows Logoff Sound=Default=
Windows Exclamation=Default=
Windows Hardware Fail=Default=
Windows Notify=Default=
Windows Restore=Default=
Windows Recycle=Default=
Windows Battery Critical=Default=
Windows Balloon=Default=
Windows Minimize=Default=
Windows Startup=Default=
Windows Hardware Remove=Default=
Windows Critical Stop=Default=
Windows Default=Default=
Windows Feed Discovered=Default=
Windows Logon Sound=Default=
Windows Error=Default=
Windows Information Bar=Default=
Windows Hardware Insert=Default=
Windows Battery Low=Default=
Windows Shutdown=Default=

New Customization Stuffs:

New Wallpapers log on/off and Desktop
New 5 themes Aero/Glass
New Cursors You must do it Personal
New Start Orb
New Icon pack

Pictures OF results Windows 7 3D Edition 2014:

[center][Image: Windows_7_2014_05_14_19_49_27.png]

[Image: Windows_7_2014_05_16_06_43_19.png]

[Image: Windows_7_2014_05_14_10_12_37.png]

[Image: Windows_7_2014_05_14_19_51_29.png][/center]

[center]DOWNLOAD LINKS:[/center]