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Full Version: Infolytica Products 2014 Suite (27/02/15)
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Infolytica Products 2014 Suite (27/02/15)

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Infolytica Products 2014 Suite | 1.6 Gb[/center]

Infolytica Corporation, a provider of Electromagnetic and Thermal analysis software for low frequency devices, presents Products 2014 Suite, its are widely used in the design of high performance electromechanical products in industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, electrical appliances, medical heavy industry and power generating.

Since 1978, the MagNet software has evolved from a simple two-dimensional analysis system on a basic graphics workstation into a high powered design tool which combines the capabilities of full three-dimensional simulation and inter-operability with other analysis packages with state-of-the-art multi-core processing architectures. Infolytica is a specialist in low-frequency electromagnetic devices and systems and through its engineering teams can bring over a man-century of experience in this area to bear on industrial design problems. Its latest software package, MotorSolve, provides a unique motor and drive design tool.

MagNet and ElecNet provide a two-dimensional and a full three-dimensional modeling system with a true Microsoft® Windows interface and rapid graphical feedback. MagNet and ElecNet are further enhanced with links to the thermal package, ThermNet. MotorSolve provides a fast design capability for a wide range of electrical machines and drives. In addition Infolytica software can be linked to a large range of other packages such as MatLab, Simulink, SolidWorks, Pro-E, etc.

- Infolytica ElecNet 7.5
- Infolytica MagNet 7.5
- Infolytica MagNetForSolidWorks 1.0
- Infolytica MotorSolve 4.1 (5.0)
- Infolytica OptiNet 7.5
- Infolytica MagNet Plug-in for PSIM
- Infolytica Activator Plug-in for Simulink 2.2
- Infolytica MagNet Plug-in for Simulink 2.2
- Infolytica MotorSolve Plug-in for Simulink 2.2
- Infolytica Three Phase Machine Plug-in for Simulink 2.2
- Infolytica SPEED PC-BDC Importer 2.5
- Infolytica System Model Generator 2.3
- Infolytica TermNet 7.5
- Infolytica Trajectory Evaluator 3.0

About Infolytica Corporation

Infolytica Corporation has offered state-of-the-art design software for electromagnetic and electric field simulations since 1978. Engineers from a wide range of industries trust our software to understand and predict the performance of their device in applications such as electric machines, sensors and non-destructive testing (NDT), induction heating, MRI, shielding, power transformers and much more.

Name: Infolytica Products
Version: 2014 Suite
Interface: english
OS: Windows 7even / 8
Size: 1.6 Gb

Note: MagnetForSolidworks and MotorSolve 5.0 not cracked

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