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Full Version: Delcam PowerInspect 2014 SP1 (17/01/14)
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Delcam PowerInspect 2014 SP1 (17/01/14)

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Delcam PowerInspect 2014 SP1 | 1.0 Gb[/center]

Delcam, one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CAD/CAM, has released an Service Pack 01 for PowerInspect 2014, a world-leading inspection software for all types of device.

As its name suggests, ?Delcam PowerINSPECT is a powerful, automated reverse engineering software. PowerINSPECT allows users to measure data to create customized reports, and even export data to other applications like Microsoft Excel. Delcam has focused on speed and ease-of-use to give their customers the most complete solution on an individual project basis. rectify any design flaws with this hardware independent software. Speed up your design process and remove deficiencies before removing the part from the machine tool.
Service Pack 1 PowerINSPECT 2014 has been released. Service Pack 1 is a recommended update for existing installations of
PowerINSPECT 2014.
The bug fixes and changes introduced with PowerINSPECT 2014 Service Pack 1 are as follows:
* Fixed bug where the 'Apply' button in the CAD Object Visibility did not work.
* Fixed bug where the pxxxchange.log file reported "Unable to modify resource sdxOptOutputNurbSurfaces with value true".
* Fixed bug where Multi-measure did not set offset for auto-calculated 2D entities.
* Fixed bug where the layout for Point Sources in the Info Tab was incorrect.
* Fixed a number of issues with AssociatePlane flag in the ... box.
* Fixed bug where the "Show coordinates" check box on the Pick Target / Regions dialog was cropped.
* Reduced pwi file size (prevent doubling effect).
* Fixed a crash when adding a best fit based on alignment from file.
* Prevented crash when trying to run a program while editing an item.
* Fixed bug where the initial GDT condition values incorrect for Inches.
* Fixed bug where pressing enter did not accept changes to feature tab position.
* Fixed crash when changing RPS to use new guided points.
* Fixed bug where surfaces were displayed black if there was no colour info in the CAD file.
* Allowed Machine Datum/Datum from Features as Inspection Group Local Coordinate System.
* Fixed a crash when scaling CAD model with selected surfaces (64-bit only).
* Fixed bug where PowerINSPECT CNC Addin toolbar got broken when switching from OMVPro to CNC.
* Fixed bug where Simple measures result dialog could not be closed via VIRTUAL_OK command.
* Re-instated missing icon in the Pecker wizard.
* Fixed bug where SPC Add-In was unable to export Slots for non-English languages.
* Fixed local probe orientation grid view for table type kinematics.
* Fixed graying of Run tab on Scale changing.
* Improved rendering screenshots performance.
* Fixed problem with PH20 head in probe path.
* Fixed repetive loading error on broken mtd files.
* Improvement on view orientation while laser scanning.
* Improved connection checking when resuming item measurement.
* Fixed bug in Automatic temperature reading: avoid setting temperature to -1.
* Fixed bug: double click on tolerance did not close the tolerances dialog.
* Stoped resetting calculator points when probe changed in multimeasure dialog.
* Improvements on Alignment from point cloud.
* Fixed bug where there was no scaling when loading point cloud from DGK file in inches.
* Improved layout of the new document dialog.
* Fixed bitmap memory leaks.
* Fixed typo: PowerINSPECT 2014 Custom Toolbar: Probe Paths shown as Probe Parts.
* Fixed typo: UDT showing GD&T as GD&&T
* Made button for export dynamic point always enabled if there are points to export.
* Surface section - fixed missing intersections on boundaries.
* Repositioned DRO "Triggered probe coordinates:" string on dialog resize.
* Changed COM probe path generation to update probe path even in case of errors.
* Enlarged "Transform" button in section group dialog.
* Improved layout of GDT picker control.
* Corrected icons on tracking box for API devices protocol.
* Fixed bug with the width of the Point Sources tab.
* Fixed bug where "Use nominals" checkbox was obscured by "Visible" checkbox for translations.
* Fixed Excel report: rows for switched off coordinates are empty but still exist in report.
* Fixed Excel report: Header for item's properties was in a wrong place in Excel report.
* Fixed Excel report: Inserting GD&T symbols in Excel report sometimes failed.
* Fixed Excel report: PI Excel macro did not work with x64 Excel.
* Fixed crash when exiting multi-measure with focus on the offset edit box.
* Modified the layout of the configuration dialog for FaroDevices protocol.
* Fixed size of points when generating probe paths in INCHES in manual mode.
* Fixed crash when selecting deleted measure in Run Program Tab.
* Fixed a problem with Japanese characters in the new full screen measure dialog.
* Corrected the minimum number of points for fitting an ellipse.
* Fixed bug where Geometric Confetti were pointing in the wrong direction.
* Check save is enabled before saving feature.
* Auto Orientation probe head position is now not saved.
* Made Output to Report on Repeatability 3D properties follow convention.
* Fixed bug: Safe moves not parallel for UserDefined paths if approach/retract differ.
* FaroTracker: Fixed clash in HotKey assignments.
* Used PM Post Processor interface to access option files properties.
* MZ1060: Add Axis Homing selection and progress dialog.
* I++: Fixed incorrect initial probe position and orientation for Manual CMM.
* I++: Send EnableUser() to re-engage servos after EStop.
* Stiefelmayer: Increased timeout for implicit mode changes.
* I++ ClientTool: Added Cancel button to Head Rotation warning prompt.
* Fixed OMV import for Chinese PI.
* Fixed Transformation dialog being corrupted while resizing.
* Fixed bug where the same page for help was opened for items sharing dialogs.
* Changed layout of OMV Import dialog.
* Fixed wrong colour in CAD model when decimal separator not '.'.
* Fixed loading of default Feature Tab parameters.
* Changed layout of Probe Change Wizard.
* Fixed bug where ellipses with incorrect nominals did not behave like other 2D items.
* Fixed crash on creating a new document for PINOL licence.
* FaroDevices: Added extension command to take contact point.
* Fixed multi-measure type detection for planes.
* Fixed sensor selection in P&P dialog for star probes.
* Fixed bug where Result page of GD&T items did not load in most languages in 64bits.
* Fixed footer's position in HTML report.
* Removeed calibration info from machine tab in OMV.
* Fixed crash in CAD View print preview.
* Fixed bug wehre Auto Nominals from CAD settings were not persisted.
* Changes in handling of names in DDX files (levels).
* Fixed Cad View State replay.
* Swapped low tol and high tol in HTML report.
* Fixed incorrect order of colors in point cloud distribution chart.
* Fixed labels for inspection group with datum.
* Fixed bug where in some areas comma appears as decimal separator regardless of locale settings.
* Fixed performance issue with probe path links collision checking.
* Fixed issue in I++ where the error messages may differ from server to server and were not translated.
* Fixed bug where there was an unexpected swap of PI's GUI from comma to period on import initial alignment from file.
* Fixed bug where Mirroring could lose safe moves.
* Fixed bug with inserting Machine Orientation items for empty probe paths in OMV.
* Fixed probe search distance set to half of actual value.
* Kreon: Changes made for new Kreon Installer.
* Fixed synchronization of renamed tools.
* Turned on Parallel saving of report images.
* Disabled tooltips in orientation point editor.
* Changed pecker boundary buttons to be new style.
* Reverted the "filtering" of secondary vector jitter as it did not work.
* Fixed bug where the probe path for slot in inches had too many points and in mm too few.
* Fixed VirtualCMM crash when view protocol's database.
* Fixed bug where Picker controls on modal dialogs made them modeless.
* Fixed collision free link display.
* Fixed double probe path generation in probe path refresh.
* Added display of information about successfully projected points for GD&T Profile.
* Fixed issue with PowerINSPECT running out of memory during construction of a plane section of a certain CAD model.
* Fixed interaction between OP and P&P items.
* Fixed PM-Post crash on export empty documents.
* Fixed run with single column in dual column mode.
* Added remeasure for dual column.
* Added SPC export for compound features.
* Fixed crash on transfer multi selected inspection points into another group.
* Added Japanese what's new guides.
* Added Spanish reference guide.
* Added translated reference guides.
* Updated PIPartAligner add-in.
* Fixed multi-radius circle fitting in a plane different from XY.
* Fixed failure in Raster probe path generation for Inspection groups.
* Fixed crash in Calibration details with incomplete tool.
* Faro Tracker: fixed bug where extension commands remain disabled on initial connection.
* Fixed bug where manual labels can be hidden for visible groups when some groups are hidden.
* Fixed bug where the list of items displayed in the run tab could be wrong.
* Fixed bug where some product menu entries were incorrectly labelled in OEM installations.
About Delcam plc
Delcam is a world-leading developer and supplier of advanced CADCAM software, with more than 35,000 customers in over 80 countries. These clients vary from global names like Nike, Boeing and Mattel to small start-ups and individual craftsmen. Founded 30 years ago, we are the largest developer of product development software in the UK, with subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia. Our global success has been recognised with many awards, including three Queen's Awards for Enterprise in the last six years.
Name: Delcam PowerInspect
Version: 2014 SP1 build

Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
Size: 1.0 Gb
Special Thanks Team-SolidSQUAD

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