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Full Version: ProNest 2012 (December 31, 2014)
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ProNest 2012 (December 31, 2014)

[center][Image: image.jpg]

ProNest 2012 | 2.59 GB[/center]

ProNest - it's industry-leading CAD software / CAM for cutting, which allows you to perform advanced mechanized cutting. This software provides a single solution for all your needs, profile cutting, including plasma, laser, water jet cutting and oxygen. It is specially designed to help manufacturers provide a significant savings in material, significantly increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve the quality of the cut.

Extras. Information: Version and will be on 32, and the 64 version - only 64x.

Installing version Install the program itself, after installation to replace the file from the folder patch, further from my run multikey file .reg, and install.cmd (devcon as administrator). Multikey drivers are not signed, and thus set properly (when booting Win Hit F8 and downloaded via the mode "Do not verify the digital signature of the driver," and all subsequent times the only way to boot. In-depth information on multikey is on the site developer key: testprotect. com. On error, turn off the firewall 33.

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