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Full Version: How to convert iTunes to Galaxy S5?
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How to convert iTunes to Galaxy S5?

How do I transfer songs from iTunes to Galaxy S5? Okay, so I currently have the iPhone 4S but am going to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a few days. My main concern switching from iOS to Android is my iTunes music and movies. Is there a way I'm able to still use my iTunes media files and put them on my Galaxy? I'm sure there's an app of some sort I'd need, but I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
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Can I Play iTunes on Samsung Galaxy S5?
In terms of iTunes songs/movies, basically we are talking about two types of files: iTunes purchased content (DRM-protected) and non-iTunes bought files. Regarding to non-iTunes purchased music and videos, there is no restriction to transfer them onto your Samsung device. So to speak, as long as they are in formats that are supported by Galaxy, you can play them on your S5 freely. However, the situation of iTunes purchased content (Movies, TV Episodes, music videos, etc.) is totally different. (Note that you can pretty much just transfer iTunes music to Galaxy S5 without a problem since iTunes Store has been selling DRM-free songs for several years. So we're gonna focus on iTunes movies below.)

How to Convert iTunes Video for Galaxy S5?
According to S5's specs, it accepts MP4. While iTunes videos are in DRMed M4V format. It means that you will have to convert iTunes M4V to MP4 so that you can transfer converted iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S5 successfully. So to speak, here we need to steps: Remove iTunes DRM and Convert iTunes to Galaxy S5 compatible files. Is there a program than can do both at the same time? Yes. All you need is DRM Media Converter. How? Go ahead to next section for iTunes to Galaxy S5 conversion.

Step 1 Install iTunes to Galaxy S5 Converter
To convert iTunes movies and videos to Samsung Galaxy S5 files, professional DRM removal tool here is used. With ultra-fast conversion speed, this smart app can easily convert iTunes videos to whatever file format in 3 steps. Below is the link that you can download and then install the software on your computer.

Step 2 Load iTunes Video to Galaxy S5 Converter
To import iTunes movies/videos/TV shows into this DRM converter, you have two options: You may either directly drag & drop files into this app. Or you can click on "Add" button to locate the iTunes purchased files and load them into the program. Batch conversions are supported so you can import several files to convert.
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Step 3 Choose MP4 for Galaxy S5
As we know that Samsung devices support MP4 files. So here we may click on "Video files to" button, go to "Common Video" and select "MP4" as the output format. As you can see, this application is able to convert iTunes to various formats/devices according to your need.

Step 4 Convert iTunes for Galaxy S5
Now you may simply press on "Start" button and this powerful iTunes to Galaxy S5 Converter will start removing DRM limits as well as converting iTunes to S5 supported videos.

Now you may wait for a while till the tool finished its task. After that, you can get the converted iTunes videos by clicking on "Find Target" button. Then you may attach your phone to the computer and transfer iTunes onto Galaxy S5 for enjoying. Have fun. Learn more about this smart iTunes Converter for Galaxy S5 at Video DVD Converter.

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