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Tips for wedding preparation

1. First, a couple will consider their budget range. If grandiose wedding is planned they have to expect to pay a lot more, on the other hand, if a simple one is considered will do they can save money for a wedding cake.
2. If civil wedding is considered, both parties should contact a presiding officer – a mayor, judge or governor. Contact a priest or religious officer for church wedding
3. Team up and get ready; this may sound obvious but a well organized wedding is a product of people working harmoniously.
4. When budget is finally fixed, bride and groom may choose the best caterer and hotel venue.
5. Both parties should prepare in advance all invitations, video coverage such as those of wedding videographer ( videographer montreal qc) and official photographer.
6. Prepare shopping for dresses and wedding accessories.
This article gives me a knowledge about wedding preparation, not for my wedding but for my auntie's wedding. If I tell her about this she's definitely love this, though she and her future husband researching many ideas about wedding preparation, this will help them too. January is the month she's waiting for, I'm so excited for their wedding too. The thing I can contribute for her wedding day is giving her a idea about the wedding cars she may use.